Service Delivery Options

Since 2012, Afni’s Work From Home (WFH) model, called Afni@Home, has offered scalable staffing options for our partners. Our WFH solutions are flexible, using either a hub and spoke or fully remote model to create a seamless experience for our employees, partners, and their customers. Our proven brick and mortar operations have been successfully adapted to achieve consistently superior performance results with our WFH agents. To select the best model, we collaborate with our partners to evaluate the solution needed factoring program scope and complexity. 

Hub and Spoke

Afni’s hub and spoke model begins in center for onboarding, training, and transition. At the conclusion of transition, agents who achieve full performance proficiency and meet the security requirements are offered the opportunity to transition to WFH where they receive the same ongoing support and engagement as their in center peers. This model is well-suited for high complexity programs.

Fully Remote

Our fully remote model provides a broader reaching solution with distant agents who demonstrate the ability to onboard, train and perform in a fully virtual environment. Video interviewing, onboarding, and training are used to bring the agent into the center virtually. Well-developed logistics ensure agents are equipped with the same tools, technology, and requirements as their hub and spoke or in-center peers.

Technology and Security

Our technology configurations are completely customizable per each partner’s requirements and fully emulate the in-center environment. With an integrated webcam for every employee, staying engaged, connected, and secure is easier than ever. Designed for VoIP partnership, our systems are rapidly deployed and scalable for thousands of agents.

Afni maintains an end to end focus on security at every endpoint, employing multi-factor authentication with conditional access. Using RPA and AI core technology, we verify employee identity and monitor security protocols. Facial recognition and cognitive service object models inspect and flag violations for continuous daily inspection. 

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