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Insurance Subrogation: Defending Your Position Against Inbound Demands

We hear it all the time. Claims adjusters are taking on more and more, sometimes even beyond their core focus. If your claims team keeps getting overburdened with extra work, you're not alone.

It's typical for carrier subrogation and arbitration demands to land on the desks of claims adjusters. Sometimes those tasks get the attention deserved. Othertimes, not so much.

We know there's a better way.

Afni Inbound Insurance Subrogation

Centralized and outsourced subrogation recovery isn't a new concept. Many carriers work with partners like Afni to gain the benefit of faster cycle times and higher recovery dollars. The next iteration of subrogation management is to centralize subrogation operations for the claims other carriers demand from you. We call it inbound subrogation.

The Value of Inbound Subrogation

  • Defend and negotiate your position with subrogation experts and proven processes.
  • Improve subrogation cycle times to your advantage.
  • Keep your claims adjusters focused on what they do best.
  • May reduce the number of chargeable accidents for policyholders.
  • Lower the Average Liability Payment.

How We Do It

We'll centralize your carrier-to-carrier demand subrogation operations with Afni's subrogation experts. In fact, we're happy to handle all your subrogation workload. Having all your subrogation work under one roof helps us identify trends, monitor performance, and give you the insight into your claims that result in the best performance possible.

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