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Reduce Charge Offs and Get Paid Faster on Delinquent Accounts with Effective Online Interactions

Our first-party digital engagement solutions take routine website visits and turn them into conversations that get your customers' early stage past due accounts paid. We blend useful technology, helpful segmentation, and certified agents to reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

Not All Delinquent Customers are Created Equal

Some customers have a higher risk of ongoing delinquency. Others are past due on accident. It's our job to know the difference and treat different customers differently. We dig deep into account balances, days overdue, payment history, and predictive demographics to know the best way to approach your customers and get results.

We can reach your customers at the right moment, online, using their devices of choice.

Customer Preferences and Online Behavior are Changing

An increasing number of your customers already prefer to do business with you through your website. The first direct conversation with you may be about paying a past due balance. If they're used to and prefer web service, limiting them to a phone call could be uncomfortable, and may set a negative tone for their overall experience.

Let's give them the option to have that conversation using the channel they prefer.

Our first party digital engagement strategies blend:

  • Email and SMS chat invitations
  • Targeted content based on user authentication
  • Web chat
  • Native app notifications

How It Works

Step 1: Your customers sign in to your website using their individual account credentials. Our predictive targeting engine:

  • Identifies accounts with past due balances.
  • Analyzes customer account balances, days overdue, and other value attributes.
  • Assigns customer value segments for treatment and targeting.

Step 2: Based on the value segment and observed navigation paths, we initiate chat invitations or push targeted content to engage customers in conversations that end with online payments.

Step 3: Our trained and certified consumer collections digital engagement specialists engage with your customers to understand what circumstances lead to past due balances. Then, we do what it takes to help you get paid in full.

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