Honoring the remarkable achievements of our first-generation REACH participants

Posted May 05, 2023 in Afni News

We’re thrilled to announce the first generation of REACH program participants! Over the past two years, these 66 employees have demonstrated unwavering commitment and perseverance in this intensive individual development program. Each graduate has shown remarkable determination, hard work, and integrity in sticking with the program through several challenges, and we couldn’t be prouder of them.

On April 17, the graduates each received a plaque certifying their completion of the program. They also received the warm congratulations from Afni leaders, including President and CEO Ron Greene.

“Looking at the list of graduates, I can say you are a very talented group,” said Ron. “All of you have opportunities to grow at Afni and be part of our success for many years to come. I want to thank everyone; we are very excited to watch your growth in the future. Congratulations!”

It’s incredibly inspiring to see the growth and development of each REACH participant. We’re excited to see the contributions they’ll make with their newfound skills, knowledge, and insights.

Congratulations to all first-generation REACH participants for completing the program!

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