Afni Named in Top 25 Innovative Agencies

Posted December 10, 2019 in Afni News, Industry Recognition

Afni was recently recognized as a Top 25 Innovative Agency during Receivables Advisor’s CollectTECH 2019 conference. The event was held on November 19 in Fort Worth, Texas. The award honors companies who have demonstrated innovation and technological investment in the collections industry.  

“The Afni team is honored to receive this award from Receivables Advisor,” said Jeff Hobbs, Executive Director of Receivables Management. “It speaks to our commitment to continually improve ourselves and the results we deliver to  our clients. Whether through the application of new technologies or an overhaul of existing processes, our team thrives in a competitive and challenging environment.”  

Two of Afni’s core values speak directly to this honor – Always Be Thinking and Pursue Change – a constant reminder to explore new ideas, think deeply about our business and the challenges our clients face, and act on the things that matter most.  

Afni's collection team brings a unique blend of innovation,  technology, training and compliance to enable continued success through the year. We ensure that our team drives improved performance while preserving an optimal customer experience. Combining advanced data analysis and predictive modeling with our desk-level collection techniques contributes to our innovative and competitive advantage.  

“We believe in these methods and our results prove it – to our clients, to our consumers and to our team,” said Hobbs. “Our commitment to innovation continues as we navigate our industry and deliver excellence to our clients.” 


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