Afni Wins 2015 Implementation Award from Speech Technology Magazine

Posted October 13, 2015 in Afni News, Industry Recognition

At the 2015 SpeechTEK event in New York City, Afni was awarded the 2015 Implementation Award from Speech Technology magazine. The award recognizes companies that have implemented a speech analytics solution and achieved significant business benefits as a result.

"In the past couple of years, we've dedicated resources and capital toward expanding the analytical and technological capabilities of our operations," said Kathy Poley, Senior Vice President of Global Contact Center Operations. "This award recognizes the work of Afni's business intelligence and analytics team, deploying CallMiner Eureka with results in mind."

During the 2014 CallMiner implementation, Afni continually adapted and modified the core functionality of CallMiner Eureka to maximize the tool's effectiveness for the programs it serves.

"Today, speech analytics helps our teams train, coach, and develop our front line staff more efficiently," said Seth Anglin, Director of Business Intelligence. "By providing greater analysis into the interactions our agents have with customers, this tool gives supervisors the ability to give feedback more often, to better individualize agent development plans, and to more quickly understand the complexities of the programs."

Plus, Afni reports an increase in first call resolution, a reduction in time spent on quality assurance research, an improvement in the overall performance of its agents, and the ability to quickly give customer feedback to clients on the topics that matter most.

"Afni is one our most innovative customers," said CallMiner President and CEO, Terry Leahy. "We congratulate Afni on its success and leadership in winning this award."

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