​Afni is Ranked 36 on Training Magazine's 2015 Top 125 of Training

Posted February 18, 2015 in Afni News, Industry Recognition

At its 2015 Conference & Expo at the Georgia World Congress Center, Training magazine announced Afni is ranked 36th on the 2015 list of 125 leading companies in employee training and development programs.

It is the third consecutive year Afni has ranked in the Top 125. The ranking is referred to as the industry's only report that ranks companies' ability to get the most from human capital.

"Each year, we raise the bar on finding new ways to provide relevant and helpful development programs to our more than 5,000 employees," said Kathy Poley, Afni Senior Vice President. "We are delighted to continue to be among some of the world's most recognized and prestigious companies at the top of the rankings."

Afni's training programs go beyond new hire classroom training. The full suite of training and leadership programs include new hire, ongoing development, role certification, webinars, and mentoring programs.

For example, the company's structured coaching model is a framework to help every employee continuously improve key skills and performance. Plus, Afni's mentor program pairs strong leaders with high-potential employees with the purpose to develop the leadership skills necessary to achieve career progression.

Afni's Kristen Olson, Senior Manager of Talent Development (pictured) accepted the award on behalf of Afni.

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