Get More From Your Customer Relationships

Telecommunications, wireless, internet, and cable/satellite companies face competitive pressures with every customer, product, bundle, and offer. We get it. Our focus on each customer experience translates to high net promoter scores and increased revenue per customer.

In fact, we consistently outperform our competitors and outpace goals we set with our client partners.

We increase the value of online purchases, resolve billing issues quickly the first time, and recover more dollars of outstanding debt. All in the spirit of helping communications companies get more from relationships and their own operations processes.

An Afni Solution is Perfect if You Need To:

  • Improve net promoter scores cost effectively.
  • Increase market share and outsmart the competition.
  • Create customer experiences that give you a competitive edge.
  • Partner with a team that understands your industry as much as you do.
  • Find a flexible and nimble partner that will consistently hit and exceed goals.
  • Hear recommendations and innovations that will improve your business.

We'll Bring Real Results to Your Business

On behalf of our communications industry client partners, we've:

  • Reduced customer churn by 20 percent in less than six months.
  • Reduced new B2B customer churn from 30 percent to 18 percent.
  • Consistently improved key success metrics, including a 55 percent increase in sales-per-hour.
  • Outperformed our competition by as much as 63 percent in a multi-vendor environment.

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