Promotion of Sustainable Consumption Policy

  • Communicate to employees periodically about Electronic Recycle and Employee Shred days.
  • Partner with vendors to offer a toner and battery disposal/recycling program to Illinois locations.
  • Default print settings default Multi-Functional Devices (MFDs) are set to double-sided/duplex printing and black and white printing for color machines.
  • Employees are encouraged to scan documents and store electronically.
  • We utilize items that contain a percentage of recycled materials:
    • Toner cartridges contain recycled materials in housing unit.
    • Cardboard shipping containers
    • Packing peanuts
    • Envelopes
    • Legal size paper
    • Ledger size paper

Materials, Chemicals, and Waste Policy

Afni uses environmentally-friendly cleaning chemicals, paper shredding/recycling, cardboard recycling, electronic recycling, reuse of shipping containers and packing materials, low energy light bulbs, carpet 100% recyclable, high efficiency glass at one of our facilities, light motion sensors in many rooms across Afni facilities, use of LED lights, recycle used light bulbs, and single stream recycling.

We partner with vendors to offer a toner and battery disposal/recycling program in Illinois.

Water Conservation Policy

Afni’s policy is to use low-flow toilets and automatic low-flow sink faucets. As locations are renovated and replacement water efficient fixtures are to be installed. Touch fee soap dispensers with environmentally-friendly soap, and environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies. Afni utilizes reclaimed water for one of center’s irrigation system.

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