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Subrogation Solutions for Busy Companies

Resources are short and budgets are tight. We get it. And you know subrogation claims are more than just opportunities to chase after dollars. Each uninsured and insured contact becomes an extension of your brand. And has the potential to decrease your claims liability. Balancing solid net recovery with brand protection takes a proven, strategic method. That's what Afni does.

Our clients get the results they need because we:

  • Use industry-leading performance, treatment, and advanced analytic models.
  • Develop uninsured subrogation treatment strategies using our consumer debt database of 40+ million records.
  • Find valuable subrogation claims that otherwise would go undetected.
  • Increase net recovery, protect your brand, and grow the bottom line.
  • Share what we know about your claims and how to pursue them in smart ways.

What We Do

We've recovered more than $1 billion in subrogation dollars on behalf of our clients. Our subrogation services span insured and uninsured claims across different lines of business including:

  • Uninsured and Insured Motorist. Our processes and analysis help us find responsible parties and negotiate the most for your customers.
  • Property. We get to the bottom of property claims and even track deficient product trends to find more claims for subrogation.
  • Worker's Compensation. We investigate WC claims to understand what really happened and who's responsible.

End-to-end Subrogation Solutions

You only need Afni to manage end-to-end processes, including:

  • Insured and uninsured subrogation claims recovery
  • Inbound demand subrogation
  • Arbitration contentions
  • Litigation management
  • Closed claim file and demand reviews

Featured Solution: Inbound Insurance Subrogation

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